Chronology Haven


I am a person who is obsessed with reading stories that take place in specific "universes" and placing them in a timeline. I have been working on several different timelines, most notably my Star Wars Timeline (linked below), and I figured I would let other people use them as well. This page is a compilation of everything that I have been working and I am also hosting some of my friend's timelines for properties I am not working on. Click on the banners below to find out more information.



Star Wars Timeline Almanac

The first and longest running timeline on the site. The link takes you over to the Star Wars portion of the website.



Indiana Jones Timeline

The Indiana Jones timeline was created and updated by Luke Van Horn, known to many Star Wars timeliners. You can find out more information on the Chronology page.


Dinotopia Timeline

A timeline based on the famous Dinotopia series of books and other items.


Dune Timeline

A timeline based on the Dune series of books and other items.