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-Stage 5.5-


Geo "Dittos"


Although not the most exciting portion of the website, you can find most my "dittos" in 1 easy to find local here.


Rocks and Minerals



Minerals Study Sheet



Igneous Rocks Worksheet



Sedimentary Rocks Worksheet





Learning Latitude and Longitude Worksheet



Geological Movies





The Day After Tomorrow



Dante's Peak



Geology Through Literature


Thoreau's Walden Pond Directions



Wilde's Dorian Gray Directions



Wilder's Our Town Directions



Geology Through the Radio


Horse with no Name Directions



Out of The Box Geological Lessons


Introduction to Science Geological Lesson



Demonstrating Folds Using Play-Doh



Demonstrating Earthquake Effects Using Jell-o and Rice Krispy Treats



Demonstrating a Volcanic Eruptions Using a Soda Bottle