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The Geology P.A.G.E.

Here you can find my current geological based writings before they are added to my website.



AiPT!                     The Remnant...        

     My geeky writings can be found here                    And pretty much everything else is here


Drunk on Geology

This is a new project I have been working on combining all of the geologically themed wine and beer in one easy to fine local



Star Wars Timeline Almanac

My Star Wars projects can be found here


Latest Updates


December, 2008

I continue to work through the website page by page cleaning everything up. Most of the Geology and the About Me Sections are done. I have also changed up my entire Geological State Symbols section and my National Parks section. I have combined them into one section with each geological state symbol being broken up by state along with a geological tour of the national parks through pictures. You can find that stuff here:

Geology Across America

I am slowly working my way though the states, updating one state at a time. As of the end of December, I have added 7 National Parks through several states.


November, 2008

Currently I have been working through the Geology section of the website. I have also been adding updates while I clean up the spelling, grammar, and html errors. As of right now I have added:

2 new Geology Fun Facts

11 new Geology Through Literature features

2 new Geology Through the Radio features

1 new Out of the Box teaching idea


October, 2018

October has been a month of cleaning. I have been slowly working through each and every page of this website to ensure that all spelling, grammar, and HTML errors are fixed. It is a slow process and will eventually be completed but until then please bear with me.